We are Australian sisters from Beechworth (which is nowhere near the beach). Our images celebrate the fun & funny moments we all experience.

What we do

We celebrate women and our perfect imperfections 🙂  Jacqui draws images that capture the moments we all encounter in life, while Sam brings them to life on the range of products. We are sisters from Beechworth (which is nowhere near the beach) and together with our amazing team from all corners of the world we hope you enjoy meeting Ellie in all her glory.

Our Story

We are sisters, creatives & mums.

Jacqui is shorter but older, Sam is taller and funnier…guess whose writing this  We grew up in Beechworth and through all the teenage fighting, boyfriend stealing & drinking UDL’s we remain best friends. Jacqui is the artist and draws Ellie in all her glory, while I (Sam) create our product range, manage everything online and remind you that I am taller than her 😉

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