Shipping Information – COVID delays

Shipping out from our Warehouse

1-2 weeks

We will ship out every 1-2 days and keep orders flowing. Please allow just a little more time for Aust Post to deliver! These items include: Wine & Champagne Glass & Bottle Coolers, Sunglasses Cases, Lens Cloths, Nail Files, Washable Paper Bags, Greeting Cards, Tins of Cards, Umbrellas, Fan & Toilet Seat Covers.

Shipping our ‘Worth The Wait’ range.

6-8 weeks

The covid-19 crisis is affecting delivery time. These made by our amazing team in Guangzhou and shipped directly to you. Australia is still doing their best with restrictions. We appreciate your patience. Items include: Curve Cosmetic Bag, Sling Cosmetic Bag, Bathroom Bag, Mesh Shoes, Canvas Shoes, Aprons, Lunch Bags, Tote Bags

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