Our Images

Our images are the soul of Imagine Ellie. Artist Jacqui Pierce loves creating images based on life’s tiny moments. Life is messy & wonderful and our images help celebrate that. Lets laugh together!! 

Each image is drawn (firstly in 2B grey led) with black ink then colored with ink. The backgrounds are dry pastel with a lot of finger wiping action to create the smooth gradients.

Click on your favourite image to view the product range it features on. Keep in mind that images come & go so check back as new images come out all the time 🙂

The below images are part of the ‘Worth The Wait’ items. Choose your product & choose your image and we get them made-to-order. 4-6week wait… but hopefully worth the wait 🙂

Click on any of the images below to view the ‘Worth The Wait’ products you can choose from.