Mystery Boxes


Nope…I can’t give you ANY clues… where is the fun in that? ☺

Ok…maybe just a few hints… These mystery boxes are OVER FLOWING with goodies. In fact they are overflowing with something MORE special than that. These include some amazing sample items we have had made over time. They didn’t make our main range because of cost issues usually (we would have LOVED to be able to afford them) so these are one-off, high quality items. How spesh is that!

SOLD OUT! All we can say is WOW!!! In a matter of a couple of hours… everything was GONE! You clearly like the FUN idea of a mystery box.  Stay tuned if you missed out. Jac will start putting goodies aside to create some more boxes in the future. My only advice… be faster next time. 

Mystery Boxes


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